Thursday, November 19, 2015

Burda Style 12/2015

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Line Drawings

Great blouse to switch into for an after work get-together with friends.
Skirt #155A-Red Wool Tricotine

Dinner and a movie at home!

Short and Chic
Jacket #108A-Coco Boucle

For that formal holiday soiree
Evening Gown #110B-Satin Back Crepe-Eggplant

Plus Size
Double duty dress-wear to work or out on the town!

Fabulous LBD
Sheath Dress #132-Midnight Black Ponte Knit

Thursday, November 05, 2015

Burda Style Vintage 2015

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Line Drawings

1967-Romy Jacket and Dress Ensemble

1969-Joan Party Dress

1969-Tina Chiffon Dress

1967-Faye Safari Costume

Monday, October 26, 2015

November Burda Style 2015

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All Styles at a Glance

Line Drawings

Bow tie blouses are trending....

This is great for work or weekend glam.
Top #104A-Brown/Black/Ivory Animal Print Knit

 Easy sewing to get you ready for the upcoming holiday parties.
Dress #119C-Taupe/Silver Metallic Reversible Knit

A nice addition to your white blouse collection.
Blouse #109B-White Cotton Sateen Shirting

Plus Size

This dress can be worn now and into the spring.
Dress #128B-Leopard Print Silk Double Georgette

A tweed skirt with a flounce and silk blouse is all business with a feminine touch.
Blouse #129-Silk Charmeuse-Magenta
Skirt #126-Moody Tweed

Thursday, October 15, 2015

Wardrobe Basic Sheath Dress

The next garment in this Fit-Along series of Wardrobe Basics is the sheath dress (see the first post here). Every woman needs a classic sheath dress in her wardrobe.  A sheath dress will stand the test of fashion time and it’s a quick and effortless way to get dressed in the morning. 

What is a classic sheath dress? A sheath dress has a form fitting silhouette, a hemline that stops at or just below the knee, sleeveless with few if any design details.  Now don’t confuse the sheath dress with the shift dress or the little black dress.  The shift dress has no waist line definition-think the 60’s mod dresses.  The little black dress can be any silhouette as long as it’s black.   A classic sheath dress in your best neutral color is equivalent to a man’s navy suit.  Like the man’s navy suit, you can wear the sheath dress 5 days in a row and no one will notice.  Rotate accessories like belts, scarfs, necklaces and shoes for a different look.  Add a blazer, cardigan or blue jean jacket and it takes on a whole new personality.  It can become a jumper when you wear your classic white blouse underneath.  Cissie, a guest blogger, likes to call this type of dress a CCC Dress -- Church, Cocktails, Cemetery.  It’s a fashion work horse!

Fabric Selection

Picking the right fabric is essential.  You want a fabric that works for all seasons and Ponte Knit is perfect!  The featured Ponte Knits are 16 oz making it just the right amount of body and structure for a sheath dress.   Other fabrics that would work well are cotton sateen or tropical weight wool.

The sheath dress is a universally flattering shape.  A few little design tweaks are all you really need to make it work for you. The key to the sheath dress is fit.  As I said before, I won’t be able to cover all of the many varied figure types.  And some patterns can work for more than one figure type.  But I hope this will help you to look at patterns more critically and analyze what will best work for you. Be sure to sign up for Sew Much Fabric’s mailing list (scroll to the bottom of the home page) for additional exclusive information including updates on videos by Sew-to-Fit on how to do pattern alterations for that perfect fit.  

Pattern Suggestion: McCalls 6920 view A or C The sheath dress silhouette has the hour glass figure type in mind.  Design details like a scoop or V-neck line (not too low) is the most flattering with a slightly tapered hem.  An A-line skirt can work just be sure the waist area is defined.      

Pattern Suggestion: Vogue 9025  This silhouette should bring the attention to the bottom half to balance out the top. Vogue 9025 has a nice dropped waist line that adds width to the hip area.  

Pattern Suggestion: Vogue 8786  For this silhouette we want to bring attention to the upper body.  Vogue 8786 is a great pattern because the cap sleeves add width to the upper body and balances the lower half.  The hem should be straight down from the hip-don’t taper.

Pattern Suggestion: Vogue 8828 Sheath dresses with an empire waist line and an A-line skirt are a great choice.  I selected Vogue 8828 view A without the pocket flap.  View D is also a good choice.  The hem should not be tapered.  

Pattern Suggestion: McCalls 7085 If you want to create curves McCalls 7085 is a great pattern because the two darts really create a nice illusion of a waist.  Add a skinny belt in a contrasting color and you have created an hour glass silhouette.  Tapering the hem also helps to create a hip curve.

Once you have your classic sheath dress dive into your accessory box and get ideas for all the different looks you can make.  Have fun and add other sheath dresses with design details like color blocking, contrast topstitching and different necklines.

Thursday, September 17, 2015

Burda Style October 2015

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All Styles at a Glance

Line Drawings

Burda said it best-"It's almost as elegant as a dress."
Coat #102-Ivory/Cream Basketweave for day

Classic shirtdress-another nod to the 70's

Casual and sophisticated!
Cape Collar #108A and
Pants #105C-Black/White Pinstripe   (Sold Out)

Perfect for the first cool days of autumn 

Plus Size
Start planning for the upcoming holiday parties...

Love this white blouse with the french cuffs
Blouse #128-Silk Charmeuse-Cream

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Get the Look: Daisy Lace Knit Skirt

Carla made a classic A-line skirt for her daughter using a pretty floral knit print that reads like a polka dot. Carla's daughter styled her skirt with a white knit top and navy cardigan for her conservative office.  But she could also switch it up and wear a classic white shirt with a blue jean jacket for weekend glam or wear a silk wrap blouse for date night. Thanks Carla!!

I had made this pattern for my daughter several times in cotton and light weight wools.  I wanted to make it again in a versatile fabric that could be worn year round in Houston.  Roz suggested the Navy Daisy Lace Knit.  I had some reservations at first because of the knit and little stretch/give in it!  But it turned out beautiful and my daughter loved it!  

Carla used View A
I used 2 strips of iron on knit interfacing to stabilize the zipper.  When using an invisible zipper in a knit, it will sometimes pucker unless stabilized.  Rather than use the serger for the seams, I stitched the seams and then used a 3 thread overlock to finish the seam edges.  This would allow me to alter the skirt if needed.  I used a fairly stiff sew-in interfacing on the band so that the waist would be stable and not stretch.  I thought about using a cover stitch machine to hem but decided a hand stitched hem would look better.